STRENGTH LAB: Dominate & Define


 Dominate and define. A combination of raw power and relentless endurance. Prepare to conquer your limits and dominate your muscles with every move.

Strength & Conditioning classes are designed to build muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance. In these classes you can expect to use a combination of all our training equipment, from ski, row and bike machines to dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells.

Duration - 60 mins



Feel the power of your own strength. Unleash your inner warrior as you build muscular strength and endurance. Be the architect of your own body with a power surge of heavy lifts.

Strength classes are designed to build muscular strength and endurance focusing on heavier lifts and movements using a combination of barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells

Duration - 60 mins



A full-body assault designed to blitz your fitness to new heights. Expect to test your mind and body while you soak in sweat in this no-holds-barred inferno.

Conditioning classes are designed to build cardiovascular strength and muscular endurance focusing on exercises that push higher heart rates using rowers, skis and bikes combined with weighted movements.

Duration - 60 mins


SYCLE LAB: Submit To The Beat


Embark on a musical journey as you surrender to the beat. In this heart pounding sycle you will challenge your balance and coordination with rhythm and fierce choreography!

Sycle classes are designed to challenge your coordination, balance and core strength with a focus on rhythm and choreography.

Duration - 45 mins



Push yourself to the brink through an intense, adrenaline-fueled experience. Light up your potential and prepare to shatter through barriers and emerge feeling more empowered than ever!

Power classes are designed to challenge your muscular and cardiovascular strength with a focus on heavier resistance and less choreography.

Duration - 45 mins

SYCLE+ and POWER+ - 60 mins


SWEAT LAB: Ignite Your Inner Fire

Introducing Sweat: Performance Running. We're here to elevate your running game one stride at a time. Each session is designed to enhance specific aspects of your running technique: Endurance, Sprints, and, Hybrid. Our carefully curated bench round complements the chosen running method, providing the essential foundation to assist you in reaching your running goals. Join us and run with purpose.


Ready for the challenge of extended runs? Join our Endurance class to enhance your stamina and push the boundaries of your endurance. Here we focus on fast runs and jogging to recover, with longer sustained effort on the bench.


It's time to unlock your full speed potential. In our Sprint sessions, you'll give it your all, pushing yourself to achieve your personal best speeds. Leave nothing behind on the treadmill as we concentrate on increasing sprint speeds and pushing your running limits and executing explosive exercises on the bench.


Looking for the ultimate performance run that tests your speed and stamina? Our Hybrid class brings them both together, offering a comprehensive workout to challenge every aspect of your running ability. 

Duration - 50 mins