Get ready to unleash your full potential!

Here's a few things to know and what to expect during your first visit.


What to wear: We recommend wearing comfortable, breathable activewear and suitable training shoes. If you are booked into the Sycle Lab, cycling shoes will be provided.

Arrival: You must arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class. There is paid parking located outside the building.

Check in: Once you arrive in the studio, head to the front desk to check in. This is where you’ll receive your pre-class briefing on what to expect during your class. After your briefing, the front desk team will guide you on where to find the locker rooms and your designated studio.  

Meet your instructor: 5 minutes before your class starts, you will be introduced to your instructor who will be leading the class and guiding you through your workout - make sure to stay visible in the common areas so we know where to find you! If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to let the instructor know before you start.


Stay Hydrated: Before heading into class make sure to grab a water, our classes are intense and you can expect to sweat! Water is available to purchase at the front desk if you don’t bring your own.


Find your spot: Find your designated spot which you are booked on. It’s important to stick to this number and not choose any random spot as your fellow members will also have a designated spot booked. Your instructor will let you know what equipment you’ll be needing and where to find it.  


The workout: Your instructor will guide you through the warmup, workout and cooldown; explaining how to use different types of equipment, demonstrating movements and giving modifications if needed. Instructors will not only educate and explain but motivate and push you to be better, faster, stronger; unlocking your true potential. Prepare to test your limits and reap the rewards after.


Amenities: After your class, feel free to refresh in our state-of-the-art washrooms and utilise the luxury amenities on hand. Don’t worry about bringing your own towel, shower products or hair dryers, our washrooms are equipped and stocked with everything you need to feel rejuvenated after a tough workout, we’ve got you covered!


Refuel: Don't forget to refuel! We offer grab-and-go items to help revive and replenish your body after your session. Our selection includes a variety of nutritious snacks and drinks chosen to kickstart your recovery and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs!


Until next time: We’d love to catch up and have a chat before you go! Drop by the front desk and let us know how you enjoyed the class and if there's anything we can do to make your next visit even better! We always appreciate feedback as it helps us to continuously improve our service.